Escape Rooms you won't want to exit.

Lock Clock - the best escape rooms in the heart of Barcelona for all publics and with a competitive price. 

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At Lock-Clock we carry out indoor and outdoor escape games, right in the center of Barcelona. In our rooms you can play with your friends, family, children or co-workers.

Our Game Masters will always be part of your team, as if they were just another player. It is a perfect activity to celebrate a birthday, a family day, go out with your colleagues or just have fun.

  • Escape room located in the historic center of the city
  • For all ages: from 7 to 100 years
  • We open every day of the year
  • We make the games in several languages
  • Activity that is not scary or claustrophobic, just fun


Un espía en "Servicio Secreto" escape room

Secret Service

Lock-Clock Born

A secret organisation and an important file in danger, find it before the criminals do!

60 minutes
Carrer de l'Arc de Sant Silvestre, 3 (bajos)
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The skeleton in Escape Game "Aztec Treasure" by Lock-Clock

Aztec treasure

Lock-Clock Gotico

A pirate ship loaded with the treasure of an ancient civilization... The storm worsens and the ship is sinking!

60 minutes
Passatge del Patriarca, 4-10, Local D
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Sagrada Familia burning photo of escape room "Mission Gaudí" in Barcelona

Mission Gaudí

Lock-Clock Gotico

Antoni Gaudí's workshop is on fire... Save the blueprints of the Sagrada Familia and save your life!

Passatge del Patriarca, 4-10, Local D
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A boy in a bathtub full of multicolored balls in Lock-Clock's "After-Party" escape room


Lock-Clock Gotico

A strange apartment, a dreadful hangover and a few blurry memories of the night before... Someone get me out!

Passatge del Patriarca, 4-10, Local D
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Game Master of the exterior escape game in Barcelona

The Labyrinth of Time

Escape room exterior

New street escape room in the Gothic Quarter

Passatge del Patriarca, 4-10, Local D
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Portable escape room in Barcelona for corporate events

Steampunk Secret Box

A portable escape game that can be transported anywhere: indoors or outdoors. Creative solution for corporate events and special occasions.

1 hour
Any location
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Printable escape games, to play with kids at home or outdoors. Ideal to celebrate a birthday, a special occasion such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, or simply to organize something different any day of the week. Each adventure has a different story. We have various themes, such as: dinosaurs, pirates, magic school and many more. Available in English and Spanish. 

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If you need to make a custom game for a company, an event, or any other special occasion, you can contact us so that we can develop an original game according to your needs. We have more than 6 years of experience in creating escape rooms. We have designed from scratch 4 rooms in the center of Barcelona, ​​an outdoor escape game, a portable game and more than 15 printable games.

Send us an email to and we will reply as soon as possible.

A store of original items and enigmatic gifts chosen by us, professionals in the world of escape rooms. Lock Clock Shop is a perfect place for people who want to find a puzzle or an original game to train their brain. Here you can find original puzzles like secret boxes, board games, wooden puzzles and much more.

We have a wide choice of difficulty levels from lower levels, for beginners, to levels of higher difficulty, for experts in the field.

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We have a 5x5m inflatable tent where we can organize a custom game for a private event, corporate, a Team-Building, a festival, or any other occasion. Installation time is minimal and we can take this portable escape room anywhere in Spain and Europe. Our team takes care of everything: from game creation and decoration, to logistics and transportation issues.

Send us an email to and we will reply as soon as possible.


The best escape room in Barcelona to play with your friends, co-workers, parents or children. We have five different games, for all audiences.  Tenemos cinco juegos diferentes para todos los públicos. Cada de nuestras salas tiene un nivel de dificultad distinto, así que todos sin excepción, ya sean principiantes o expertos en el mundo de los escapes, pueden disfrutar de nuestros juegos. Por otro lado, todos los Game Masters que trabajan en nuestro equipo aman su trabajo y quieren que vuestra experiencia sea la mejor posible, acompañando a vosotros en todo el momento. 


With family

We have two family escape rooms: "Aztec Treasure" and "Mission Gaudí", where you can play with children over 7 and 10 years old, respectively. Playing an Escape Room as a family is a different and original activity, perfect to do with your children.

Large groups

We can offer the escape room activity for large groups since you can divide into several teams and play in different rooms with a maximum difference of about 10-15 minutes. 

For companies

With us you can organize your company activity by carrying out a Team Building in our rooms in the center of Barcelona. An escape game improves your team cohesion, interpersonal knowledge and working under positive stress.


With 5 escape games and different themes to choose from, we offer a wide range so you can come with your group of friends for a weekend, celebrate a birthday or even a bachelor party. In the heart of Barcelona.