Aztec treasure

A pirate ship loaded with the treasure of an ancient civilization... The storm worsens and the ship is sinking!

Сокровища ацтеков Сокровища ацтеков Tesoro azteca
Mission briefing:

A thrilling adventure for the bravest pirates. Find the treasure and return it to the Aztec gods so they weather the storm and forgive you so you and your crew can escape from the haunted ship... Ideal for families and beginners!

Aztec Treasure is not a horror game and is suitable for children:

  • To play on their own they have to be older than 12 years old.
  • 10 and 11 year-olds can play accompanied by 1 adult (a relative or one of our Game Masters).
  • Children under 10 years old can play with their family (for example, with 2 adults and 2 older siblings).

Adults who are beginners or don’t have much experience in escape-rooms can also enjoy this, since it’s not a very demanding game but it’s a very fun experience and its decoration will automatically take you back to the 16th century.

For regular Escape-Room players we recommend Misión Gaudí and After-Party.


2-5 players
60 minutes