Mission briefing

Silent but deadly, they know all the answers, and can blend in like chameleons. They are everywhere, 
but you'll never see them... Spies. You are part of the most influential secret organisation in the world. Criminals are planning to attack the director's office to steal a very valuable document. Your mission is to recover that information, which is crucial to bring a criminal to justice. You only have 60 minutes, will you achieve it on time?

Secret Service is not a horror game, it's a mystery game with puzzles suitable for players over 18 years old. It's not suitable for children as the level of difficulty is too high for them.
We recommend Secret Service for teams with 4 players or more.


Note: previously this room was called "Barcelocked", we have changed more than 70% of the puzzles, keeping 30% of the best of what Barcelocked used to have. So if you played Barcelocked a long time ago, you can still book Secret Service without any problem.