Is there anything better for children than to live a thrilling adventure? Escape Rooms achieve this and they are an ideal activity for them, whether they live it with friends or with family. Lock-Clock offers two different rooms, the difficulty of which we can adapt so that the youngest in the house can enjoy the experience.
The capacity of our rooms is 5 players, although in the case of children we can make the exception to have 6 people playing. Sometimes, and depending on the children’s age, they will have to either play with the family or accompanied by an adult:
Aztec Treasure:
  • Children under 10 years old have to enter with their family
  • Children between 10 and 12 yo, accompanied by an adult
  • Children older than 12 yo can play on their own
Gaudí Mission:
  • Children under 12 years old have to enter with their family
  • Children between 12 and 14 yo, accompanied by an adult
  • Children older than 14 can play on their own
The adult present in the room can be one of you or one of our Game Masters. The presence of the adult helps to control the energy inside the room, and it helps the team focus the attention when necessary. In case that the adult is one of you, it will count as an extra player but you will not have to pay, making it possible to be 6 children and an adult in the room. In the event that the adult is one of our Game Masters, they will be in charge of enriching the team's experience. This service will have an additional cost of 10 euros and must be previously requested via email.
We would also like to warn you that it is possible that one of the children has already played one of our Escape Rooms. This can spoil the experience of the rest of the team, so it is important to know this in advance. Make sure that none of the team members have played the room.
Escape Rooms are perfect activities to celebrate birthdays. We know that these are usually accompanied by gifts, snacks and cakes. However, our facilities are not prepared for this type of celebrations and are shared with the other teams, so it would be a strange situation for them and for you. Even so, we are in the center of Barcelona, so we recommend looking for a place that suits your needs.
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