• What is an Escape Room?


    An Escape Game is a logic game in which a team is “locked” in a room, with a maximum of 1h to escape. They have to find clues, codes and keys in the room to help them solve all the enigmas involved with their mission.

  • What are our options?
    At Lock-Clock you have 3 different escape games:

    The Aztec Treasure: A pirate ship loaded with the treasure of an ancient civilization ... But the storm is getting worse and the ship is sinking!
    Gaudi Mission: The workshop of Antoni Gaudí is in flames ... Save the blueprints of the Sagrada Familia and get out of there!
    Afterparty: A strange apartment, a horrible hangover and some vague memories of the night before ... Please someone take me out of here!

  • Can we play with children?
    It depends on the room you want to play.

    The Aztec Treasure:
    - Children under 10 years old must play as a family (one adult per child)*.
    - Between 10 and 12 years old, they have to play accompanied by one of our Game Masters (with an additional cost of €20) or accompanied by a responsible adult, for the normal cost of a player.
    - Over 12 years can play alone.

    Gaudí Mission:
    - Children under 12 years old must play as a family (one adult for each child).
    - Between 12 and 14 years old, they must play accompanied by one of our Game Masters (with an additional cost of €20) or accompanied by a responsible adult, for the normal cost of a player.
    - Over 14 years can play alone.

    *Children under 6 years old can enter, but the game is not designed for them, and they will not be able to participate actively.
    *For this reason, and them being simply companions, they do not count as players when paying, but they count on maximum number of people allowed in the room.

    After-Party is forbidden for people under 18 years old.

  • When are you open?

    We open every day from Monday to Sunday and we have sessions from 10:30h to 22:30h (23:00h on Fridays and Saturdays), and we are located in Passatge del Patriarca 4-10 Local D (Metro Catalunya or Urquinaona).

    We have sessions every hour and a half, starting at 10:30 in the morning and finishing at 22:30 from Sunday to Thursday, and we have an extra slot available at 00h on Friday and Saturday. You can check the full availability in our website here.

  • How much is it?
    The price of the experience will depend on the team size and the game (from 46€ to 102€)
    The Aztec Treasure and Mission Gaudi
    2 players: 46€ (23€ each)
    3 players: 54€ (18€ each)
    4 players: 64€ (16€ each)
    5 players: 70€ (14€ each)
    As an exception, we accept 6 players’ teams: 78€ (13€ each)
    3 players: 63€ (21€ each)
    4 players: 76€ (19€ each)
    5 players: 90€ (18€ each)
    6 players: 102€ (17€ each)
    We do not admit more people for security reasons, as well as it jeopardizes your experience. Contact us if you want to be a bigger number of players.
  • My team is bigger than 5-6 people, what do we do?

    Since the maximum per room in both Aztec Treasure and Mission Gaudí is 5 and in After-Party is 6, if you're more than this number you have multiple options:

    In the case of Aztec Treasure and Mission Gaudí, we can make an exception in certain cases from 5 to 6 players. If you'll just be 6 people and would like that exception, contact us at lockclock.bcn@gmail.com or please call to +34 930246931 (Mon-Thu 10:30-22:30h and Fri from 10:30-17:30h) and explain your situation.

    However, under no circumstance we can accept more than 6 people in any of our rooms, no matter the case. If you are more than 6 people, you'd have to divide into two or more teams and play either two different rooms at the same time slot, or play the same room in consecutive time slots. 

    If you were a very big group, note that we have 3 different rooms in the same local, there could be up to 18 people playing at the same time slot, divided in three groups of six. The games are designed for a maximum of 5 people, so we'd recommend not surpassing this number if you want the best experience. However, we understand that sometimes the circumstances can allow one more player in each room. 

    If you're 7 or 8 players and wish to play all together, we work closely with a company nearby us, Barcelocked, where they accept teams this size.

  • Can I play in my language?

    All our games are available in 6 languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, French and Russian. All our Game Masters speak English and Spanish, so to play in any of these 2 languages you can make the reservation without a problem on the web. However for other languages it is necessary to check, before booking and via email, the availability of the Game Masters who speak those languages.

  • How do we book?

    To book your game, you can check the availability calendar (which rapidly changes) here, and choose the game and session that suits you best.