Mission briefing

Steampunk Secret Box is a transportable-anywhere game for groups of up to 18 players.

It´s an extraordinary activity for corporate events and special occasions.

The two key components of this activity are:

- A beautiful box decorated in the Steampunk style.

- The Game Masters, actors in thematic clothing, who will guide the game and turn this experience into a true show with maximum immersion.

It´s a fully customizable game, making it a unique and original activity for any occasion. Our Game Masters will introduce the mission with a story inspired by your company/special occasion. Additionally, we can include your own final reward or a personalized message in the last compartment that players will open.

Optionally, we can create a personalized quiz about your company/event as one of the riddles, or organize an awards ceremony for all the participants after the game.

To obtain all the detailed information about the activity, please send us an email at lockclock.bcn@gmail.com.