Hey Lock-Clockers! How's that going?

For this second post, we wanted to give a hand to all the escapists who are starting their adventure. We all have had to take that first step into the unknown, facing the danger. Our first time in a room can be an experience full of enthusiasm but also filled with many nerves and doubts.

When your Game Master opens the door and you go in the room, you travel to another world. You may travel to the past, to the future or you might stay in the present to decipher a mystery, help a mad scientist or solve a crime. All the stories are different but our first impressions are usually the same: nerves, doubts, curiosity ... How do we face our first room? What is the right approach to face our mission and be successful?

We think that all escapists are different and that strategies will not always be valid for each team, but here we give you 7 tips for you to triumph in all escape rooms:

  1. Teamwork: First of all, remember that you enter as a unit and that individual success is not paramount. Collaboration within your team will open paths and help you in those moments where you feel stuck.
  2. Communication: knowing what is happening every moment in the room is essential. But when there are 4 or 5 people involved, it is difficult to know what is already done if there's no good communication between team members.
  3. Organization: Being tidy inside the room and being organized as a team will be better than being chaotic. Especially when there are more than 2 or 3 team members involved.
  4. Don't hesitate to try: If you have an idea that has a logical basis, try it. Without fear. If it is not the correct solution, it will serve to discard it. Remember that Edison discovered 999 ways on how not to make a light bulb before discovering the right way.
  5. Know your skills and those of your teammates: you can find different types of puzzles inside a room and recognizing quickly who can handle each challenge can save you several minutes.
  6. Focus on having fun: an escape room is not a timestamp or a record to achieve. Forget the time and try to concentrate your energy in having a good time solving the puzzles and enigmas. In doing so, you will also avoid frustration.
  7. Do not overthink: it is very likely that the (logical) but simple solution is the correct one. You can waste a lot of time focusing in solutions that might be too extravagant and convoluted.

What did you think of them? Do you agree? Will you be able to put them all into practice? Here we give you the opportunity to test everything you have learned! Each month we will raffle a free game for any of our three rooms (Aztec Treasure, Gaudí's Mission and After-Party). You just have to answer this riddle correctly in the comments section, if you dare. Do you? Well, then, here it goes!

An escapist has been sentenced to death for cheating in a room. To do this, he has to choose between 3 doors: the first one leads to a room on fire, the second to a jump into the void and the third one shows a room full of starving lions. What door should the cheating escapist choose to survive?