There is no better gift than an exciting experience ... and there is nothing more exciting than an Escape Room!

The Lock-Clock Escape Room Gift works just like a prepaid card. The person who makes the gift pays an open session, that is, those who receive the gift can choose the session on the date and time they want (within the availability indicated in our calendar on the web).
To get the Gift Bonus you can make a bank transfer and once you send us the payment voucher, we will send you the gift by email so you can print it or send it by email*.

The prices are per group and depend on the number of players and the game. The prices for Aztec Treasure and Mission Gaudi are:

2 players: 40 €
3 players: 54 €
4 players: 64 €
5 players: 70 €
Exceptionally we accept groups of 6 players: 78  €
Prices for After-Party are:

2 players: 46 €
3 players:  63 €
4 players: 76 €
5 players: 90 €
Exceptionally we accept groups of 6 players: 102 €

*Gift Vouchers by Lock-Clock Escape Room are not refundable under any circumstance.